Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty 

  • 5 Years Limited Kayak Hull Warranty
  • 180 days Gear/Accessories/Parts Warranty

This warranty strictly pertains to manufacturing defects that impede the product's performance. It does not extend to kayaks sold in "as is" state, demo kayaks, or prototypes. We are no responsibility for any harm to individuals or items caused by unsecured the products during transport or use. Such instances fall outside the purview of this warranty.

The following scenarios are not protected under this warranty:

  • Ordinary wear and tear (including scuppers)
  • Any modifications or unauthorized modifications
  • Rollover or capsizing the kayak
  • Exposure to heat, extreme weather, or environmental conditions
  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Accident, negligence, misuse, or mishandling
  • Incorrect storage, maintenance, or care
  • Contact with sharp objects or dragging over coarse surfaces
  • Towing by motor or sailboats
  • Use in commercial, rental, or instructional settings
  • Scupper carts, stake out poles, or other objects inserted into scupper holes

Please Reach out to our Customer Service: for assistance of warranty claim.